Best Hangover Cure : “Hangover” is a Negative, so Be Positive.

I know a hangover is a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean the hangover cure has to have that same reputation. A cure, by definition, is positive. Instead, the challenge is to defy the negative stereotypes.

How Hangovers Hurt You

The Mayo Clinic defines a hangover as a group of unpleasant symptoms that you can get from drinking alcohol. Often, we associate the hangover with being drunk or drinking too much, but clinically, even one drink can be enough to cause side effects. It is a combination of factors that produce the average hangover, most of which can be dealt with in a positive way.

  • Dehydration – Alcohol increases urine production and decreases body fluids, which in turn causes dizziness and excess thirst.
  • Immune system response – Alcohol triggers an inflammatory immune system response. In other words, your immune system reacts to the alcohol and causes you to feel full, forget things and lose the ability to concentrate.
  • Expands blood vessels – The headache is often due to the expansion of the blood vessels.

Moving Past the Bad Rep

The right cure is the key to changing bad to good in the world of hangover management. You can defy that hangover with positive ingredients, such as:

  • Electrolytes
  • B-vitamins
  • Amino acids

My goal is to improve mental alertness and enhance my body’s ability to metabolize alcohol. As an adult who drinks responsibly, I should never have to deal with negative side effects or stoop to approaches better suited for children, like pediatric electrolyte solutions.

The real problem is not having a plan in place to deal with the possible side effects of consuming alcohol. That is where hangover management options like DEFY come into play. DEFY doesn’t rely on stimulants or sugar to keep you going. Instead, it takes a more natural approach to the cure. The combination of amino acids (n-acetyl-l-cysteine), electrolytes, like potassium and sea salt, as well as b-vitamins, milk thistle extract (silymarin) and healthy natural flavors gets you moving in a good way.

Just as Hugh Dillon once said, “Life is too short to spend in negativity.” DEFY it and be social. Feel good.