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OUR MISSION – Consumer Health Brands

We created DEFY® to be enjoyed by adults who practice responsible alcohol consumption as part of their active social lifestyle™.

Often, the active social lifestyle™ demands us to drink socially and enjoy adult beverages. We have a driving desire and responsibility to remain healthy and stay mentally alert, despite the occasional adverse side effects from alcohol consumption.

Social drinking activities are incredibly popular — on an almost daily basis. Because of this fact, Consumer Health Brands strives to bring new and better solutions to market that help consumers around the world support their health and enhance personal well-being. For over a decade,DEFY® has been researched and perfected, using a systematic approach to solving an age-old problem.

The “Be Social. Be Responsible.®” message focuses on a singular goal of helping the adult community socialize and drink responsibly. In the face of social norms, Consumer Health Brands will help social people stay healthy and active, whether it’s the day of the event or the next-day.

As we all know, alcohol should always be consumed in moderation. For those who choose to drink — drinking responsibly is always the most enjoyable way to socialize.

Be Social. Be Responsible®” for yourself, your family, your friends and for the community around you.

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About us: Based in Morgan Hill, California, Consumer Health Brands develops, markets and distributes leading vitamin and nutritional products for the Active Social Lifestyle™. We strive to bring new and disruptive solutions to market that help consumers around the world support their health and enhance personal well-being. We have a missionary desire to change the world.


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